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Usounder PS8DN series Intelligence Delay Power

  • Usounder PS8DN series Intelligence Delay Power
  • Usounder PS8DN series Intelligence Delay Power
  • Usounder PS8DN series Intelligence Delay Power
  • Usounder PS8DN series Intelligence Delay Power
Model No.︰ PS8DN
Brand Name︰UAEF
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰1 pc
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Product Description


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Usounder PS8DN Intelligence Delay Power:

--When the sequence Power Switch on, You can use the computer to turn ON and turn OFF any one of the power output promptly online ,So to deal with the sudden fault of the equipment.
---PS-8 DN is very convenient to be used when more one PS-8DN link. You only need to connect the PS-8DN one by one with the RS232 Data control cable.

----After connected , the microchip in PS-8DN that can receive the command from extend computer for intelligence control.

----- For example, 10 bit A/D load power detect. If over load can auto cut off this channel but not disturb other channel work continue.10 LED indicat for each channel power volume.

------Can connected 8 PS-8DN at the same time.






Feature :

     1. 8 Channel control with 16A relay, metch internation standred.
     2. 10 bit A/D convertor for load power detection.
     3. Can be turned ON/OFF separately by sequence for music system.
     4. Over load warring and cut off the channel.
     5. Can control every channel ON/OFF by standred RS232 serial port.
     6. 10 LED display the power of load.
     7. Can show and record work state of each channel .
     8. Can connected 8 PS-8DN at the same time.







Description :

1.8 channel power output with relay control from the microchip.
2.Each channel 2200W 220V 50Hz.
3.Link allow up to eight PS-8DN device with RS232 data cord.
4.Control voltage DC 12V for circuit in it.
5.Output connectors use U.S.A. standard three wire AC connect.
6.Power source :220V 50Hz standard three wire,Grounded wire is needed.
7.Dimension :485mmX190mmX50mm
8.Gross weight: 4 Kg




Back side decription:

A. Power output connector
B. Power cord
C. RS232 female socket
D. RS232 male socket





LED state indication
Use 10 led indictors for one channel. 

    1. Led 1 for power source indicator.
    2. Led 2 for work indicator.
    3. Led 3 for output power indication(valume:1-250W)
    4. Led 4 for output power indication(valume:251-500W)
    5. Led 5 for output power indication(valume:501-750W)
    6. Led 6 for output power indication(valume:751-1000W)
    7. Led 7 for output power indication(valume:1001-1250W)
    8. Led 8 for output power indication(valume:1251-1500W)
    9. Led 9 for output power indication(valume:1501-1750W)
    10. Led 10 for output power indication(valume:1751-2000W)
    11. At the same time, led 10 is for over load indicator warning.




Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions with our products.

Have a NICE day. ^-^


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Usound Audio Equipment Manufactory


In R&D

The goal of Usound Audio is:

To creat a famous made in China brand in audio equipment industry !

1    Over 13 years experience in this line.

2    With branches of Beijing Acoustics Of Building Company; Taiwan Usound Technology; Guangzhou Usound Building Acoustics Company; Shenzhen Usound Building Acoustics Company; Yin Yu Speaker Manufactory; Usound Professional Amplifier Manufactory.

3    With a professional R&D team.

4    Products include: Professional Power Amplifier; Karaoke Power Amplifier; Professional Loundspeaker; Professional Peripheral Equipment.


In Production

The motto of Usound Audio is:

To be creative, to be of high quality, to be humanistic !

1    With the production of 5000 professional Amplifier and 3000 Speakers each month.

2    Have a HP 3562A advanced audio analyzer, Japan kikusui safety inspection meter, Italy technical desigh for intelligent life test line.

3    Have a professional quality control team


  In Sales & After Sales

    Usound Audio believe: We never fail to impress !

1    Have agencies in China, Southest Asia, Europe, America, Austrilia and New Zealand.

2    After sales service guarantee.


Contact Information

°.·  ->Tel: 86-20-84669973
..∴°  M.P: 86-20-88459281
°  Fax.:86-20-61920639
 \|//∴. °.· Add: 2/F Usound Audio Building Longmei P.Y.G.Z.China
Please note that Usound Audio will always be by your side. ^-^

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